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July 4, 2018

Laura Hertz of Gifts for Good, Premium Gifts That Give Back: Women in Tech California

Laura Hertz of Gifts for Good, Premium Gifts That Give Back: Women in Tech California

Today we get to know Laura Hertz of Gifts for Good. Gifts for Good are premium gifts for companies, professionals & events that give back. Tweet @womenintechshow and @EspreeDevora

What is your ask from the community?

Go like our FB Page (https://www.facebook.com/giftsforgoodhq) and for every like that we get we donate a meal to a person in need.


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Women in Tech: Laura Hertz
"Premium Gifts That Give Back”

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Guest Host, Brian Nickerson
Laura Hertz of Gifts for Good

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Links Mentioned:

  • Gifts for Good, https://www.giftsforgood.com/
  • TOMS, https://www.toms.com/
  • Cotopaxi, https://www.cotopaxi.com/
  • COACCEL, http://www.coaccel.com/

People Mentioned:

  • Jerry Eisenberg, https://www.linkedin.com/in/jerry-e-12b730150/
  • Cam Kashani, https://twitter.com/camskashani
  • Jenise Steverding, https://www.linkedin.com/in/jenisesteverding/


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Short Title: Premium Gifts That Give Back