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Women in Tech rocks!

Espree commitment and consistency to serve and showcase women in tech will come to your ears and inspire the heck out of you!

High energy, educational, and inspiring!

Espree’s energy alone is enough to make this podcast exceptional! She has a way of making conversations effortlessly and effective for the listener. Each time I listen I feel energized and encouraged in the work I do!

Great Show!

Super inspiring and empowering!! Such a great Podcast.

Great show!

Espree, host of the podcast, highlights all aspects of women in tech, their stories, and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

So good!! So empowering!

What a great podcast! Love the empowerment in every episode!

Love This Podcast!!!!

So glad I found this podcast! Espree does such a good job covering a variety of topics. I love that she is using her voice to uplift other women in the tech world. I would recommend this show to anyone!

Powerful podcast for women!

Espree's podcast is a great resource for women, especially women in tech. Her insight and advice is awesome and I really enjoy listening to her.

I can’t believe you ladies have been on for 3 years

Congratulations!! I have been watching on and Off and joined your community and sometimes one post will remind me then I eill download and go for a walk and get lost in your conversation. Thank you for gifting the world with your lessons. I promise to write a list of things I have learned on my next one. Continue leading. So much love from Portland Oregon.

Interview with Samantha Ruberto

Love the show and this interview with Samantha. Your insights are very helpful for all women and not just the women in tech.

Espree's energy is contagious!

Espree's energy is contagious! Espree is such a powerful host! She's so playful, and fantastic at teasing out the powerful human aspects of the people she interviews! Thanks for your incredible contribution to tech, and specifically giving women a powerful boost in the tech community! #empowerment #loveit

Nice to hear backgrounds of all women in tech

This podcast has really changed my view on women in tech. I used to hate when women in non technical jobs such as product management would say "oh I work in tech" or "im a women in tech", not differentiating between tech the industry or as an actual job. I've listend to almost every episode and love that I get to hear from women of all different backgrounds. Great listen.

Transformational Techies

Espree and her incredibly knowledgeable guests are changing what it means to be a techie in the current industry climate. Comprised of all the traditional things that make a tech show fabulous (innovation, problem-solving, etc.) coupled with authenticity and insight you won’t find anywhere else. Thanks for putting out such a wonderful show Espree - keep up the great work!

Great interviews

Great interviews that showcase a diversity of guests. Very inspiring!

Quality content. Espree is incredible.

Anything Espree does is gold. She puts all her heart and hustle and makes valuable content. This is no different.

Love Espree!!

Espree is an amazing host and brings her love and passion for tech to the show. Keep up the great work Espree!! ❤

Smart, Sexy Fun!

To hear about the latest tech look no further... I've seen this woman live and she definitely keeps her audience transfixed with her energetic voice, and witty smile! You won't be disappointed I promise.

Short enough to listen during breakfast, deep enough to inspire all day

I normally not a fan of daily podcasts, mainly due to sheer volume. I gave this podcast a try despite this concern, and am glad I did. Espree has a few core questions she asks all her guests and I haven't heard the same answer yet. For a long time, I was obsessed with finding the right way to doing work I love, and now I know there is no one path. It's affirming to hear the different responses. Highly recommend this podcast, watch it during breakfast or during your commute.

#Girlboss girl power!!

Espree is a dynamic host and her interviews are always interesting, informative and entertaining. I just love that she's spotlighting women in tech in such a wonderful way! Can't wait to listen to more episodes!

Awesome, fun, and informative!!

A friend suggested this podcast and I am so thankful she did. Espree is entertaining and insightful while really delving into the woman in tech scene. Looking forward to more episodes!

Fantastic Content

So thrilled this is a daily podcast, as the content and quality of interviewees is top notch. Love Espree's fun, happy and informative interview style. Keep 'em coming!

Love this show!

Espree does a great job connecting with the audience and supporting women! I loved being on this show!!

Always Informative and Fun

Espree is a person who always gets it done. I always learn something new, and she's a great interviewer. I can't wait for the next eposide.

Love! Love! Love!

An inspiring podcast, highly recommended for anyone in tech, woman or not.


Brilliant. One of a kind. Sooooooo good. Espree is on point, this podcast ROCKS


"Actionable Insights" pour out of these podcasts in an engaging and insightful manner. Tech is complex. It's ever changing. At the end of the day, it's powered by (at list initially) people. Espree's recent podcast series gives and under the hood look do the ideation, development, packaging, design, experience and growth of this crazy ever changing tech landscape. There's a lot of noise. This is a series you want to tune in and turn up. :)


Fist off Espree Divora is a great interviewer she really knows what questions to ask, its as if she's reading my mind!! The people she interviews from WeAreLATech to Women in tech are on top of their game and are a valuable resource for any entrepreneur successful or beginner. Can't get enough need more keep going!!

Empowering Women in Tech!

Always a joy to see support for Women in Tech. Love hearing everyone's journey to success! :)

Hyperator VR

Excellent and dynamic as always!

Highly Informative and Fun

#WomenInTech is the greatest female drive tech podcast on the air. HIghly informative and full of useful information. HIghly recommend.

The Podcast I’ve Been Looking For!

I’m tried of podcasts that ask the same 5 questions! This podcast goes deeper and more in depth with the people behind their products!