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Sept. 15, 2017

Rachel Williams of Calendly, Managing Sales in a SaaS Company: Women in Tech Georgia

Rachel Williams of Calendly, Managing Sales in a SaaS Company: Women in Tech Georgia

Today we are spotlighting Rachel Williams of Calendly. Calendly helps you schedule meetings without the back-and-forth emails. This episode is powered by BetaList, https://betalist.com/womenintech where you can discover tomorrow's startups today. Connect with us at womenintechshow.com. Tweet @womenintechshow and @EspreeDevora


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Women in Tech: Rachel Williams
"Managing Sales in a SaaS Company"

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Host, Espree Devora
Rachel Williams of Calendly

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Links Mentioned:

  • Calendly, https://calendly.com/
  • Atlanta Tech Village, http://atlantatechvillage.com/
  • Miller Heiman Group: Sales and Service Training, https://www.millerheimangroup.com/
  • Sandler Training, https://www.sandler.com/


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